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BNY Mellon Interview Experience for SDE 2023

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  • Difficulty Level :Medium
  • Last Updated :23 Sep, 2022
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Online Test (4 coding questions): 1 easy,2 medium,1 hard (I have solved 1 medium and 1 hard completely, easy 11/13 test cases and another medium 5/13) 

Easy: Given a range (L, R) print all the distinct character numbers in the given range 

test case: given L=10 and R=20 we have to print [10,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20]

we are not printing 11 because it is having repeated characters 

Medium: Given 3 points that indicate vertices of a triangle and given two more points P,Q 

print 1 if P and Q both lies inside of the triangle
 print 2if P and Q both lies outside of the triangle
 print 3 if P lies inside and Q lies outside
 else 4

Medium: Given a string print lexicographical largest subsequence of all possible lengths 

test case : "abcd"
 output ["d","cd","bcd","abcd"]
 test case 2: "dbca"


  • 31 students were shortlisted for interviews
  • Interviews happened after 2 days of the online test

Interviews happened Offline Face To Face on our campus 

Round1 (Technical round)(30mins):

  • Why do you want to be a  Software engineer  (Since I am from mechanical this question was asked)
  • Coding Question 
  • Given a String find if it is a palindrome or not 
  • The question was easy but the interviewer is expecting good code quality ( Take good variable names and write comments ) and handling the edges cases (such as null values and input strings having characters apart from alphabets)
  • Where do you see yourself after 5 years
  • Real-Time examples of Stacks and queues 
  • Puzzle:

14 students were eliminated in this round

Round2(Technical Round)(45min):

  • Intro
  • What are the different life cycle methods in react (From resume)
  • A sliding window problem (a little easier side) 
  • Given an M*N matrix print all the Perimeter elements 

test case: 

 output : 123450543216
  • SQL -> given a table having empid,emp_name,manager_id, print all the employees under the given manager_id
  • Another SQL question is an extension of the above question, didn’t remember the question but it is a little related to hierarchy like the manager of manager (should be solved using subqueries)
  • Data structures used for dfs and bfs
  • Given a scenario asked me which algo you use in this case (dfs or bfs)
  • Explain the implementation of the merge sort
  • Puzzle:

3 students were eliminated in this round


  • Different interviewers will have different way of asking questions
  • For some of my friends , they were asked to design a vending machine (low level system design)(Using classes)
  • For some others, questions were completely asked from resume , no coding questions at all
  • So be prepared for anything

Round3 (Tech + HR )(30min)

  • Tell something, which you didn’t tell to the previous two interviewers (I told about my personal Life)
  • Most of the questions were from the Positions of responsibilities that I mentioned in my resume
  • and they are looking for good leadership qualities 
  • I told about my club activities and the project that I have accomplished in the club

14 people were selected for the full-time role

Since the process happened offline, We had a great time with the interviewers and HR 


  • Be prepared for offline (face-to-face) interviews
  • Try to practice code on paper before head
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