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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

here’s a question that was recently asked by amazon. The position was for SDE II, L-5, United States. The question was in two parts. You… Read More
Round 1: Easy coding questions – Some pseudocodes like an algorithm (Subjective) – MCQ oops Round 2 (Interview): They asked questions deeply about the project… Read More
ROUND 1 : (TECHNICAL + QUANT + TECHNICAL ) [90MIN]: Here in this, they ask some questions from a quant, aptitude, and technical questions which… Read More
Online Test (4 coding questions): 1 easy,2 medium,1 hard (I have solved 1 medium and 1 hard completely, easy 11/13 test cases and another medium… Read More
Interview Experience from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. Round 1(Coding Test): The first round was an online coding test on HackerRank platform that consist of… Read More
Round 1: Objective Exam based on Aptitude,  DBMS,  Operating System,  SQL Queries This round was conducted offline in the lecture hall of my college. A… Read More
I’ve been selected for SWE intern at Microsoft’23 through Microsoft Engage Program. I went through two interviews i.e. Technical round and the AA round and… Read More
The whole recruitment process consisted of two rounds:- Coding round:  There were 3 dsa problems to be solved in 3 hours. I solved 1 and… Read More
Firstly there was an assessment held on MSB and there were two sections and a total of 5 questions. 3 programming Question & 2 SQL… Read More
Round 1: This was an online assessment where there were some MCQs (don’t remember the exact number) that were mostly output based and were in… Read More
Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium Date – 20/09/2021 Round 1 – 45 mins: Introduction        Discussion about projects        Create a class of… Read More
(Only CS/IT was allowed) Round 1: Resume shortlisting. Round 2: I was asked to find the count of words in a sentence and it was… Read More
PWC India came to our campus for a technical consultant role. All departments were eligible to apply. Around 500+ people applied for the role. Round… Read More
Online test: Difficulty level: moderate. There were 3 coding questions given. I remember only 1. Given two integers n and d. Find the number of… Read More
Polestar Solutions will visit your campus for Placements. Registration will be done through the Vega_HR platform. There’ll be 4 rounds: Round 1: Aptitude and Technical… Read More

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