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Top 50 Tree Coding Problems for Interviews

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  • Difficulty Level :Medium
  • Last Updated :17 Mar, 2022
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Here is the collection of the Top 50 list of frequently asked interviews question on Tree. Problems in this Article are divided into three Levels so that readers can practice according to the difficulty level step by step.

Level 1

  1. Height of Binary Tree
  2. Determine if two trees are identical
  3. Mirror tree
  4. Symmetric Tree
  5. Diameter of tree
  6. Checked for Balanced tree
  7. Children Sum Parent
  8. Check for BST
  9. Array to BST
  10. Largest value in each level of binary tree
  11. Maximum GCD of siblings of a binary tree
  12. Zigzag Tree Traversal
  13. Inorder Successor in BST
  14. Kth Largest Element in a BST

Level 2

  1. Check if subtree
  2. Single Valued Subtree
  3. Unique BSTs
  4. Inorder Traversal (iterative)
  5. Preorder Traversal (iterative)
  6. Postorder Traversal(iterative)
  7. Vertical Traversal of a Binary Tree
  8. Boundary Traversal
  9. Construct Binary Tree from Parent array
  10. Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder Traversal
  11. Preorder Traversal and BST
  12. Construct tree from preorder traversal
  13. Minimum distance between two given nodes
  14. Maximum sum leaf to root path
  15. Odd Even Level Difference
  16. Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree
  17. Ancestors in Binary Tree
  18. Remove BST keys outside the given range
  19. Pair with given target in BST
  20. Sum Tree
  21. BST to greater sum tree
  22. BST to max heap
  23. Clone binary tree with random pointer
  24. Maximum sum of non adjacent nodes
  25. Largest BST in a Binary Tree
  26. Extreme nodes in alternate order

Level 3

  1. Connect nodes at same level
  2. Nodes at given distance in a Binary Tree
  3. Sorted Linked List to BST
  4. Binary Tree to Doubly Linked List
  5. Maximum sum path between two leaf nodes
  6. K-Sum Paths
  7. Number of turns in a binary tree
  8. Merge two BST’s
  9. Fixing two nodes of a BST
  10. Burn Binary Tree

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