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A FUMING resident has told how she pays more than £900-a-month in rent to live in a block of luxury apartments - but has ended up living in "squalor".

Robyn Khan, 30, who has lived in the Richmond Hill apartments, in Salford, says her home has become unsafe and infested with rats over the past two years.

Tenants have complained about the state of the buildingCredit: MEN Media
Fed-up Robyn who's lived in her flat for two years says the building is unsafeCredit: MEN Media
Residents have reported carcasses of dead animals left for weeksCredit: MEN Media
Robyn says the property at Richmond Hill flats are infested with ratsCredit: MEN Media

Other fed-up residents have also reported problems such as a "disgusting" bin room in the block of flats, where rent prices can go up to £970.

Robyn, a solicitor, who lives in a top-floor flat in the building told MEN: “It’s like living in squalor, the bin room is always disgusting and never gets collected.

"Look at the state of the doors, the filthy windows, the walls and tiles that I’ve slipped over before.

“They tell us that they have cleaners that should be coming in, doing this and doing that, but nothing ever happens.

"The young teenagers climb up the side of the building, I don’t know how, but they manage to make it up the top of the building and end up on my balcony.

“They’ve stolen things from there and sometimes on the way home I get alerts from my home security camera that they are there. I pay about £970 and the rents gone up twice in the past two years.

"In Deansgate Tower they pay up to a grand and they get a gym, concierge and stuff like that.

“I love the flat I live in, but I’m not safe. Anybody can make it up to where I live and because it’s just windows where everyone can see in.”

Meanwhile, another resident Alex Joint, 31, who pays around £745 a month added: “I feel frustrated and fed up. I feel like they get away with it because these are the cheapest flats this close to town and it always makes me laugh when I see them advertise them as 'luxury apartments'.

“We always have issues with theft. You can see at the front door people have opened parcels nicked the stuff inside and left the boxes.

“We need cameras, but they just won’t bring them in. The door gets fixed and then it gets broken again, fixed and then broken again, it takes months to get anything done.

“The biggest issue is the lack of communication from the housing agency. All of us have tried contacting them with issues.

"It goes for months without hearing anything and all of a sudden we all get letter saying service charge fees are going up and rents are going up.”

Sasha Deepwell, chief executive of the housing firm which manages the building, Irwell Valley Homes, said in a statement: “We’ve made significant progress against an improvement plan that we have worked on with residents to address their concerns at Richmond Hill.

"We’re committed to helping people live well in their homes and communities and continue to work with the residents there and our partners – including the police and local authority – to ensure it’s a decent place to live.”