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A MODEL who grew up on a council estate has revealed she now makes £300,000 a month sharing raunchy snaps on OnlyFans.

Sophie Dee, 38, has swapped a tiny village in Wales for Las Vegas where she lives in a £2 million mansion, one of her three luxury homes.

Sophie Dee makes around £300,000 a month from OnlyFansCredit: Jam Press/@sophiedee
The 38-year-old lives in a £2 million mansionCredit: Jam Press/@sophiedee
Her life is a far cry from the tiny village where she grew upCredit: Jam Press/@sophiedee

Sophie now as has over 12 million followers, drives a £120,000 Porsche and recently splashed out £55,000 on plastic surgery.

But the model's extravagant lifestyle and OnlyFans success is a far cry from her upbringing in South Wales in a village that was a “mile long – and everyone knows everyone's business”.

"We pretty much survived on welfare throughout my childhood. My family lived on a rundown council estate,” she said.

"We never had name brand products in the house – even a bottle of Coca Cola was a treat reserved for Christmas – and we had to put coins into the back of the TV when we wanted to watch it.

"I went to school in my brother's hand-me-downs and everyone knew that we were poor."

She has been included on the first-ever Top 50 content creator list run by the business magazine Forbes.

Sophie started her career out on the "hardcore side” of the adult industry having moved over to the US after a photographer explained she could make much more money abroad.

But her dad "hated" the idea of "his little girl" taking her clothes off for money.

While the people in the village would mock her constantly now the model says they have all "come crawling back to congratulate" her in recent years.

Sophie said: "The whole family – my dad, step-mum and brother – hated it when I started out.

"No father wants this for his daughter but dad has since come around to the idea, and understands that this is a real job.

"Before I left the UK, people in our village would stare and call me names.

"I went back to Wales recently and the people I used to know are doing the exact same thing they were 10 years ago, but with a few more kids in tow. Meanwhile, I'm a millionaire.

"I don't know if they follow my OnlyFans, though I wouldn't put it past them, but many of them have gotten in touch to congratulate me, which is hilarious."

Sophie, currently lives with her boyfriend, Tyler, 36, and their six cats and three dogs and regularly flies her family over to visit and covers all the costs.

But despite her riches she says “you're more likely to see me sporting a look from Shein than Prada”.

She added: "I don't like spending full price for luxury fashion goods, I think it's something that has stuck with me since childhood. When I do buy them, it’s typically second-hand.

"I'm careful with my cash too, putting a lot of money in stocks, bonds, my pension, crypto and in business ventures.

"When you grow up poor, there's a feeling that sticks with you.”