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Rescuers find sheep who fell 65ft down mountain by imitating bleats

RESCUERS looking for a sheep made their own bleating noises to find it.

RSPCA workers told how they successfully communicated with the ewe, which had fallen 65ft down a mountain.

Rescuers found a sheep who fell 65ft down mountain by imitating their own bleating nosesCredit: WNS

A tourist raised the alarm after seeing her trapped in brambles, and a team was sent to track the animal.

However, they could not see her through the tall and thick undergrowth.

RSPCA inspector Andrew Broadbent said: “We then tried to locate her by making bleating noises — and to our relief she replied.

"We kept ‘talking’ to her, getting closer and found her sheltering on a little ridge surrounded by thick brambles.”

He and colleague Mark Roberts gently cut her free on Conwy Mountain in North Wales.

Andrew said: “We then followed the path we had just come down, part carrying, part pushing her back up the mountain for her to rejoin her flock.”