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NAKED Attraction viewers have been left livid after a contestant was humiliated in the show's worst ever snub.

Thursday's episode saw Patrice join host Anna Richardson to try and find her dream man.

Naked Attraction viewers have been left livid after a contestant was humiliated in the show's worst ever snub
Patrice and Dan hit it off on their date and shared a number of snogs

Patrice enjoyed checking out the naked men in the different coloured boxes before choosing Dan as her date.

The pair met up in a bar and enjoyed a flirty chat before Patrice went in for a snog.

The couple then headed off to another bar and continued to get to know each other before they shared multiple snogs as she got into a taxi.

Dan told the camera: "Super enjoyed it. She's smart, she's down to earth, she's fierce, she's got a lot of layers that I want to get into.

"I really do want to see her again."

But what seemed like a perfect first date and excellent chemistry between the pair was soon turned on its head when things jumped forward to three weeks later.

Naked Attraction viewers then saw Patrice looking forlorn on her own on the sofa with the camera in front of her.

Patrice said: "Well my date went very well, Dan seemed like the right person. He had the right characteristics, the right attitude.

"I really fancy him but...we literally haven't spoken, I've not heard his voice since. I really don't know what happened."

She then asked sadly: "Is he not coming then? He's not coming then I take it is he?"

A member of the crew could be heard off camera replying: "I'm sorry he's not, no.

"Er, he did text and said 'It was lovely to meet Patrice, we had fun but I feel we're on different paths' and he hopes that you find the special one."

A crestfallen Patrice said: "I've never been rejected or dealt with like this before. I felt like we had something but...I'm hoping to find love when it's ready to find me."

Viewers at home immediately took to Twitter to discuss Dan ghosting Patrice.

One wrote: "Talk about mixed messages! Dan is a total a*****".

A second added: "I feel bad for her! He was so into her, so what happened?"

A third tweeted: "Dan is a bit of a pr*** isn't he? At least be man enough to tell her face-to-face."

Meanwhile a fourth shared: "Owch didn't even turn up, what an a***hole."

Dan said he wanted to see Patrice again
But three weeks later he had ghosted her and didn't even turn up to tell her in person when filming the post date interview

Naked Attraction airs Thursdays on Channel 4.