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If you're struggling to acquire Exotics or good Legendary items in Destiny 2, everyone's favorite Agent of the Nine is here to help. Xur is a time-limited vendor that appears from Friday at 12:00 PM EST to Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST. He sells everything from Exotic armor pieces to the occasional sunset armor set.

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New players will want to visit Xur like clockwork to expand their Exotic collection and nab the occasional 5/5 weapon roll, and veteran players can visit Xur to get their hands on a good Hawkmoon or Dead Man's Tale roll. This guide will show you where Xur is, everything he's selling this weekend, and we'll give some recommendations on what to grab. Check back often; we'll be updating this article every Friday.


Updated September 23rd, 2022, by Charles Burgar: Xur has returned, this week visiting the EDZ. Visit Xur this week to get your hands on a solid Rocket Launcher, Seventh Seraph SMG, and some decent armor for newer players. Check out our exact recommendations below.

Where Is Xur This Week? (September 23-26)

  • Location: EDZ (Winding Cove)

The Winding Cove is where you'll find Xur this week. From the Winding Cove spawn, hop on your Sparrow and head towards the paved road on your left. Drive near the cliffside towards the small band of Fallen enemies, then hop off your Sparrow. You'll find a small cave that will lead you to Xur.

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What To Buy From Xur This Weekend (September 23-26)


  • Vigilance Wing (Pulse Rifle): A great pick for Freelance Trials this weekend.
  • Lunafaction Boots (Warlock): A 62 stat total with 13 Resilience, 17 Recovery, 16 Intellect, and 12 Strength.
    • It isn't perfect, but this is a solid roll if you need one.


  • Hunter Helmet: 60 total with even Mob/Resil/Recov split and 20 Discipline. Grab if you're new or a returning player.
  • TItan Helmet: 62 total with 19 Resilience and 22 Intellect. Grab this if you mainly play PvP and don't care about grenade/melee cooldown.
    • We find Intellect to be the worst stat out of Dis/Int/Str, but this is a decent roll if you run T3-T5 Supers in PvP.
      • See our Super tiers explained article for more information on why Intellect isn't as good as you might think.
  • Titan Arms: 61 total with 19 Resilience and 20 Strength. Grab if you're making a melee build.


  • Seventh Seraph VY-7: Fourth Time's the Charm and Dragonfly, arguably the best roll on this gun.
    • Grab this if you need a good Arc SMG and don't have a good Out of Bounds or IKELOS SMG.
  • Code Duello: A Solar Rocket Launcher with Surplus and Frenzy. Great for new or returning players.
    • Alternative Solar RLs come from raids, time-sensitive content, or require Ascendant Shards to acquire.

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Xur's Exotic Armor Rolls

Each week, Xur sells one Exotic weapon and armor piece for each class with random stat rolls. We'll cover each Exotic he's currently selling below, showcasing the Exotic perk, the stats that Xur is selling, and quickly explain if the Exotic is worth buying.

Exotic weapons from Xur cost 29 Legendary Shards; Exotic armor costs 23 Legendary Shards.

A Fated Exotic Engram may also be purchased from Xur for 97 Legendary Shards or an Exotic Cipher, granting a random Exotic you don't currently own. This Exotic Engram cannot drop Lost Sector Exotics you currently don't own, nor can it drop raid/quest Exotics.

Exotic Weapon โ€“ Vigilance Wing

Harsh Truths: This weapon fires a 5-round burst. When a nearby ally is killed, gain health regeneration and increased movement speed.

If you're going to jump into Freelance Trials of Osiris this weekend, grab this gun. Vigilance Wing's Exotic perk was tuned specifically for Trials, and its a great PvP Pulse Rifle in general. For PvE players, skip this gun.

Hunter Exotic โ€“ Raiden Flux

Synapse Junctions: Quick successive attacks with Arc Staff increase its damage output and duration.

(62 Total)

Only grab Raiden Flux if you don't already own one. This Exotic isn't used in PvE or PvP content currently, although this roll isn't half bad.

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Warlock Exotic โ€“ Lunafaction Boots

Alchemical Etchings: Your Rifts gain the additional ability to increase weapon reload speeds. Empowering Rift makes weapons effective over longer ranges.

(62 Total)

Grab this roll if you need a good pair of Lunafaction Boots. While Intellect is just about useless in PvE, this roll has an excellent split of Resilience and Recovery. Just about every raid team has a Well of Radiance Warlock with Lunafaction Boots to offer their team optimal DPS. If you're a Warlock main and want to break into endgame content, pick this up.

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Titan Exotic โ€“ Aeon Safe

Sect Mods: This Exotic can equip one of three Exotic Mods, altering its Exotic perk effect. Aeon allies not using the same mod gain an additional benefit.

(66 Total)

Only grab this roll if you don't own Aeon Safe already. This roll isn't great, focusing on Intellect and Recovery; you'd want Resilience and Discipline for most builds. Regardless, the Exotic itself is quite good since Sect of Force can spawn Heavy ammo upon finishing Champions or minibosses. It's quite useful for GM Nightfalls and Master raids, including the recently-released Master King's Fall.

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Xur's Legendary Armor Rolls

  • Current Legendary Set: Simulator Set (Future War Cult)

A full Legendary armor set is sold by Xur each week, every piece (excluding the class item) having random stats. Xur periodically sells god-tier rolls or sunset armor sets, so check back often. All Legendary armor rolls for each class may be found below, and we'll give armor recommendations if any rolls catch our eye.

Each armor piece costs 1,000 Glimmer and 50 Legendary Shards.

Hunter Armor Rolls

Stat Total61626062

Consider buying the boots and chest this week. They have a solid split between Mobility and Recovery, and they bias Discipline in the second stat pool. The chest has a ton of Discipline, although its stat total is a little low.

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Warlock Armor Rolls

Stat Total61615863

Skip buying any armor this week. This armor biases Mobility too much, and the only armor piece that doesn't (the chest) has a low stat total.

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Titan Armor Rolls

Stat Total62615858

Consider buying the arms and helmet this week. A high bias toward Resilience and Strength on the arms can prove useful for some builds, and the helmet has a solid bias towards Resilience and Intellect. Intellect is useless in PvE (see our Super tiers explained article to understand why), but this could still be useful for competitive PvP players that use T3-T5 Supers.

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Xur's Legendary Weapon Rolls

Xur sells seven Legendary weapons with each visit, all of which come with random rolls. Most weapons from ritual activities, Dares of Eternity, and world content can be sold by Xur. Raid, Trials, and current seasonal weapons are never sold by Xur. Let's go over each Legendary weapon for sale this week and see if any are worth buying.

Each Legendary weapon costs 1,000 Glimmer and 50 Legendary Shards.

Seventh Seraph VY-7 (SMG, Arc)

CategoryOption #1Option #2
BarrelChambered CompensatorFull Bore
MagazineSteady RoundsAlloy Magazine
Trait #1Fourth Time's the CharmN/A
Trait #2DragonflyN/A

Only grab this if you need a good Arc SMG for PvE. While a good roll for the Seventh Seraph SMG, there are far better Arc SMGs in the current sandbox. The IKELOS SMG and Crucibles' Out of Bounds are better options, the former also having the ability to spawn Warmind Cells.

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IKELOS SMG_V1.0.2 (SMG, Arc)

CategoryOption #1Option #2
BarrelExtended BarrelPolygonal Rifling
MagazineExtended MagFlared Magwell
Trait #1Dynamic Sway ReductionN/A
Trait #2SurroundedN/A

You can skip this roll. It's missing Threat Detector in the first trait column and Seraph Rounds in the magazine column. The Seventh Seraph SMG this week has a better roll.

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Friction Fire (SMG, Kinetic)

CategoryOption #1Option #2
BarrelChambered CompensatorPolygonal Rifling
MagazineExtended MagAlloy Magazine
Trait #1Killing WindN/A
Trait #2WellspringN/A

You can skip this weapon. While it's a good PvP SMG, it lacks Rampage and range perks. And for PvE, Wellspring weapons don't make much sense with Kinetic weapons since they don't synergize with Elemental Wells or certain subclass Fragments.

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Seventh Seraph CQC-12 (Shotgun, Solar)

CategoryOption #1Option #2
BarrelSmoothboreCorkscrew Rifling
MagazineAppended MagLight Mag
Trait #1Lead from GoldN/A
Trait #2Shield DisorientN/A
MasterworkReload SpeedN/A

Skip this roll. This is a terrible roll for PvE and PvP.

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Fractethyst (Shotgun, Stasis)

CategoryOption #1Option #2
BarrelBarrel ShroudCorkscrew Rifling
MagazineAppended MagExtended Mag
Trait #1Dual LoaderN/A
Trait #2ThreshN/A

Skip this roll. This is a terrible roll for PvE and PvP.

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Code Duello (Rocket Launcher, Solar)

CategoryOption #1Option #2
BarrelLinear CompensatorQuick Launch
MagazineBlack PowderHigh-Velocity Rounds
Trait #1SurplusN/A
Trait #2FrenzyN/A

Pick this roll up. Surplus and Frenzy is a solid combo for PvE boss DPS. All other Solar Rocket Launchers come from raids, Iron Banner, or require Ascendant Shards to purchase.

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Gnawing Hunger (Auto Rifle, Void)

CategoryOption #1Option #2
BarrelCorkscrew RiflingSmallbore
MagazineAccurized RoundsFlared Magwell
Trait #1Zen MomentN/A
Trait #2Kill ClipN/A

If you need a good PvP Auto Rifle, pick this up. Gnawing Hunger has a good roll this week, and it's easily one of Destiny 2's best Auto Rifles. Good SMG rolls will surpass this weapon in both sandboxes, but this is a great pick for new or returning players that want a decent workhorse Primary.

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Xur's Hawkmoon And Dead Man's Tale Rolls

Hawkmoon and Dead Man's Tale are the only Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 with randomized perk pools. The only way to get new perks on these weapons is to visit Xur. He sells a new roll for Hawkmoon and DMT every week. Are they worth picking up this week? Let's find out.

Hawkmoon and Dead Man's Tale each cost 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, one Ascendant Shard, and an Exotic Cipher to purchase.

You can obtain an Exotic Cipher either through your Season Pass or from Xur's weekly Exotic Cipher quest, found on the second page of his inventory.

Hawkmoon Roll

BarrelChambered Compensator
MagazineAlloy Magazine
TraitHip-Fire Grip
GripSmooth Grip

You can skip the Hawkmoon roll this week. Chambered Compensator and Smooth Grip are mediocre perks, although Hip-Fire Grip is surprisingly good when paired with Hawkmoon's Catalyst perk. Hip-fired shots have solid in-air accuracy, yet the other perks really bring this roll down.

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Dead Man's Tale Roll

BarrelPolygonal Rifling
MagazineAccurized Rounds
TraitFourth Time's the Charm
StockHand-Laid Stock

Skip buying this Dead Man's Tale unless you don't already have one. Fourth Time's the Charm isn't a bad trait, but this roll is missing Armor-Piercing or High-Caliber Rounds to improve the gun's consistency against tougher foes. And for PvP, you can do much better.

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