She-Hulk has divided opinion, particularly with its latest episode. For some reason, a bunch of viewers took issue with Jennifer Walters - well known in the comics for her gags and fourth wall breaking - using her post-credits scene to dance with Megan Thee Stallion. But this wasn't the only reference to the real world that was made in the episode.

As spotted by an eager-eyed fan, the montage of sexist comments made about She-Hulk in-universe were actually based on messages sent by real dudebros after She-Hulk's announcement. All of the misogynistic comments made in the episode have a real-life counterpart, as it seems that someone on the team had some fun dunking on Marvel's Instagram comment section.

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"Why everything gotta be female now???", reads one of the replies seen in the latest episode of She-Hulk. And as you can see below, this seems to be a reference to a reply that can still be seen on Marvel's Instagram: "Why everything in Marvel gotta be female now [?]".

It's not known if the inspiration was intentional, or if people like this are just so predictable that it was pure coincidence. However, it does seem that the real comments were used as a reference, considering one even brings up the #MeToo movement, for some reason, when discussing a big green lady they don't like.

If you're not put off by these thorough reviews and want to check out what the large lass gets up to next, new episodes of She-Hulk hit Disney+ every Thursday. There are four episodes left, and it's not known if the show will get another season.

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