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Excel Tutorial

Excel HOMEExcel IntroductionExcel Get StartedExcel OverviewExcel SyntaxExcel RangesExcel FillExcel Move CellsExcel Add CellsExcel Delete CellsExcel Undo RedoExcel FormulasExcel Relative ReferenceExcel Absolute ReferenceExcel Arithmetic OperatorsExcel ParenthesesExcel Functions

Excel Formatting

Excel FormattingExcel Format PainterExcel Format ColorsExcel Format FontsExcel Format BordersExcel Format NumbersExcel Format GridsExcel Format Settings

Excel Data Analysis

Excel SortExcel FilterExcel TablesExcel Conditional FormatExcel Highlight Cell RulesExcel Top Bottom RulesExcel Data BarsExcel Color ScalesExcel Icon SetsExcel Manage Rules (CF)Excel Charts

Table Pivot

Table Pivot Intro

Excel Case

Case: Poke MartCase: Poke Mart, Styling

Excel Functions


Excel How To

Convert Time to SecondsDifference Between TimesNPV (Net Present Value)Remove Duplicates

Guided Projects

Introduction to ExcelLearn Data CalculationsLearn Data VisualizationLearn to Create a BudgetLearn to Create a TimelineLearn to Style in Excel

Excel Examples

Excel ExercisesExcel Certificate

Excel References

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel Exercises

You can test your Excel skills with W3Schools' Exercises.


We have gathered a variety of Excel exercises (with answers) for each Excel Chapter.

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