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PHP Tutorial

PHP HOMEPHP IntroPHP InstallPHP SyntaxPHP CommentsPHP VariablesPHP Echo / PrintPHP Data TypesPHP StringsPHP NumbersPHP MathPHP ConstantsPHP OperatorsPHP If...Else...ElseifPHP SwitchPHP LoopsPHP FunctionsPHP ArraysPHP SuperglobalsPHP RegEx

PHP Forms

PHP Form HandlingPHP Form ValidationPHP Form RequiredPHP Form URL/E-mailPHP Form Complete

PHP Advanced

PHP Date and TimePHP IncludePHP File HandlingPHP File Open/ReadPHP File Create/WritePHP File UploadPHP CookiesPHP SessionsPHP FiltersPHP Filters AdvancedPHP Callback FunctionsPHP JSONPHP Exceptions


PHP What is OOPPHP Classes/ObjectsPHP ConstructorPHP DestructorPHP Access ModifiersPHP InheritancePHP ConstantsPHP Abstract ClassesPHP InterfacesPHP TraitsPHP Static MethodsPHP Static PropertiesPHP NamespacesPHP Iterables

MySQL Database

MySQL DatabaseMySQL ConnectMySQL Create DBMySQL Create TableMySQL Insert DataMySQL Get Last IDMySQL Insert MultipleMySQL PreparedMySQL Select DataMySQL WhereMySQL Order ByMySQL Delete DataMySQL Update DataMySQL Limit Data


PHP XML ParsersPHP SimpleXML ParserPHP SimpleXML - GetPHP XML ExpatPHP XML DOM



PHP Examples

PHP ExamplesPHP CompilerPHP QuizPHP ExercisesPHP Certificate

PHP Reference

PHP OverviewPHP ArrayPHP CalendarPHP DatePHP DirectoryPHP ErrorPHP ExceptionPHP FilesystemPHP FilterPHP FTPPHP JSONPHP KeywordsPHP LibxmlPHP MailPHP MathPHP MiscPHP MySQLiPHP NetworkPHP Output ControlPHP RegExPHP SimpleXMLPHP StreamPHP StringPHP Variable Handling PHP XML ParserPHP ZipPHP Timezones

PHP Tutorial

Learn PHP

PHP is a server scripting language, and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.

PHP is a widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft's ASP.

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echo "My first PHP script!";

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PHP Exercises

PHP Examples

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PHP References

W3Schools' PHP reference contains different categories of all PHP functions, keywords and constants, along with examples.

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