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W3.JS References

Complete W3.JS API Reference

w3.hideHides HTML elementsTry it
w3.showShows HTML elementsTry it
w3.toggleShowToggles between hiding and showing HTML elementsTry it
w3.toggleClassToggles the class of HTML elementsTry it
w3.addClassAdds one or multiple classes to HTML elementsTry it
w3.addStyleAdds style to HTML elementsTry it
w3.removeClassRemoves one or multiple classes from HTML elementsTry it
w3.filterHTMLFilters the display of HTML elementsTry it
w3.sortHTMLSorts the display of HTML elementsTry it
w3.slideshowMake HTML elements display as a slideshowTry it
w3.displayObjectDisplays JavaScript objects in HTMLTry it
w3.includeHTMLDisplays HTML in HTMLTry it
w3.getHttpObjectReads JSON data from a serverTry it
w3.getHttpDataReads data from a server 

Complete W3.JS Attribute Reference

{{ }}Defines where to display dataTry it
w3-repeatDefines where to repeat dataTry it
w3-include-HTMLDefines where to include HTMLTry it